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Girl on Girl: Kat Ronson and Alex Milne On The Importance Of Music On Screen And Off

I think music has the power to make or break a film. Truly iconic films, the soundtrack will be etched on your brain forever.

In the run up to our Turning The Tables event on Thursday 21st September, we spoke to Kat Ronson showcasing the film she wrote and starred in: IBZ. You can read our original review of the film here.

One of the things that makes this film so special (great story, comic timing and relevant central themes) is the music. IBZ is inspired by true events and is has an original electronic soundtrack created by DJ and producer Alexandra Milne, who we also got to chat to, with additional music from MC Devvo & Alex Lamy. IBZ is a unique filmic-music collaboration, the soundtrack is basically a whole character in itself. See what Kat and Alex had to say about the film and music below…

Tell us a little bit more about how this film came about – what were you inspirations and motivations?

K: When I was 19, I went on holiday to Ibiza with my mates and was completely lovestruck with a ticket seller there. So I lived there for the summer and had the definition of whirlwind romance. I have ringless hands right now so it didn’t quite work out… I was inconsolable and I didn’t know what else to do and this one-woman play just shot out. There isn’t anything more inspiring than your first heart break. It’s also about the island, party culture, other feminine issues I want to get people talking about. I wanted to create questions, some honesty, whilst also cracking a few jokes.

How do you think being a women in that environment has influenced you?

K: It informs everything. In terms of the film and place I was in that moment, I was very young, less learned and massively vulnerable. From a young age, even from school it was programmed that my looks and sexuality were a form of currency. Everyone makes films about what inspires them and I can’t write about growing up as a man

Is music important to you? why? How do you connect music with the other work that you do?

K: I love music. It’s like smell, it’s transcendent. It holds a place in everyone’s heart and can take you back to an exact memory, how old you were, where, the feel of the air, your clothes, everything. I think music has the power to make or break a film. Truly iconic films, the soundtrack will be etched on your brain forever. It’s just as important as the picture. Being in the edit room watching yourself on-screen without any music AT ALL is one of the most excruciating experiences I’ve ever had as an actor!

A: As corny as it sounds, music is my life. A life without it would truly be an empty one. I DJ’d around Ibiza whilst I lived out there and quickly realised I wanted to place more focus in making it myself, and from there I started producing more and more. The opportunity to write this soundtrack and delve more into film music was a real turning point in my career. Before I realised I wanted to produce it myself, I’d grown up surrounded by all kinds of music from drum and bass to progressive rock, and most everything in between. My main influences are UK Garage, Jungle, House and Breakbeat, and those influences are pretty evident in my productions. Having the opportunity to write a Jungle-inspired track within a film soundtrack was a total dream come true!

How important is the music in this film and was it important that a woman score it?

A: The music was a crucial element to the film – Ibiza is such an important place for us, and the island lives and breathes music. It’s thanks to my time living there that my dream of making music was really cemented. Having an original electronic soundtrack was a no-brainer for IBZ, and I wanted to create something that had the energy and fire of the film whilst maintaining the uniqueness of it.

K: Before we filmed it, I said I wanted Alex to do an original soundtrack. The authenticity and voice of Ibiza. For Ibiza, music is what the island’s about and the Island is like the other character in the film. Alex and I met when working out there and have been friends ever since. It was important to me that the person making the soundtrack was ridiculously talented with as many weird, kooky, against the grain ideas as I have. I know her talent and passion for music. I wanted the best person for the job whether they’re a man or a woman and I knew it was her. She surpassed my expectations and just killed it.


Catch IBZ and more this Thursday at TURNING THE TABLES 6pm Hackney Showrooms 

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