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Guest post by Catherine Collins

Read as Catherine combines her passion for all things home design and film, and gives an overview of some spectacular set designs she has admired over the years. Make sure you watch out for some wonderful creative ladies on this list too!

I doubt anyone watches movies for the bathroom decor inspiration, but some directors and set designers really know how to strike gold and leave you both speechless and a little jealous with their movie bathrooms. Here’s a list of my top choices.  

The greenery

Kubrick is well-known for his use of bathrooms in his films, so it’s not a surprise he pays so much attention to every little detail in his bathroom set designs. The Shining, arguably one of his best works, has one of the most memorable restrooms in the whole cinematography. No, not the “Here’s Johnny” bathroom, but the beautiful green one. This scene is not amazing only for the bathroom, but the “mystery woman from the tub” portrayed by Lia Beldam and Billie Gibson (one plays the young and one the old version of the same character) gives it even a more impressive and eerie feel. Everywhere you look you can see a new amazing detail, but his-and-her double sinks on the right probably steal the show. And that soft shade of green is so in right now.


Rustic heaven

Nancy Meyers created one of the cutest and cosiest bathrooms ever seen on film for her romantic comedy The Holiday. It’s every girl’s dream to have a little piece of heaven in her home for when she needs some rest from the busy everyday life. And that bath is just amazing. However, Meyers isn’t only great with creating amazing scenes. She’s also a brave fighter for the equality for female movie directors and writers. In one of her interviews she says: “We don’t want to be our own niche. We’re filmmakers like everybody. How many years in a row are we going to talk about the fact that we make films and we are women? Enough already”. Truly inspiring for all women who aspire to be behind the camera.

Luxury, luxury, luxury

I first watched Scarface with my girlfriends, and I distinctly remember how many times we paused during the bathroom scenes. Honestly, it’s a perfect fit for any classy woman. I can imagine spending hours soaking in that huge tub with a glass of Chianti. And, side from giving us this gorgeous bathroom, Scarface also proved to be a breakthrough role for Michelle Pfeiffer, the legend of Hollywood. Plus, Pacino looked up to Meryl Streep’s portrayal of an immigrant character in Sophie’s Choice, so you know it’s good.

My bathroom at home actually has a dressing table inspired by this film. I got it from Rococo Decor a few weeks after I watched this masterpiece. Even though my bathroom is not nearly as extravagant as Tony Montana’s, it still feels that way to me thanks to a few clever details I’ve caught from this movie.

The elegance of wood

I prefer a little more privacy when taking a bath, but I’d sacrifice it for this elegant wooden bathtub from The Handmaiden. And this wooden table that matches the tub is a very handy accessory that can hold all your bathbombs and essential oils. Chan-wook Park’s movies are not only beautifully directed but also so visually stunning that you could even watch them on mute. Details such as this bathtub really bring something else to his movies, and we have Seong-hie Ryu, a brilliant production designer, to thank for that, so make sure to check out some of her other works too.

American minimalist

Mary Harron did an amazing job with this classic slasher. Everyone who loves minimalism in interior design is probably a little jealous of Bateman’s perfect apartment. American Psycho bathroom with a simple yet intriguing design certainly makes every woman jealous because it’s perfect for every beauty routine. If you take into consideration that Harron used to be a rock journalist before taking up directing, the fact that she created such a masterpiece of cinematography is even more amazing! She clearly has a natural talent for creating amazing scenes and picking out great production designers.

The bathroom is more than alright

The house from The Kids are Alright is actually an integral part of this movie. Lisa Cholodenko, the director, and Julie Berghoff, the production designer, really did a great job with creating a perfect idyllic family home with an even more amazing bathroom. What I love the most about it is the tub with an almost nautical wooden frame that gives it extra warmth, especially when combined with relaxing candles.  

So, if you were looking for some new ideas for your bathroom makeover, you might want to watch or re-watch these films and pick up a thing or two about bathroom design from them. Just don’t watch The Trainspotting for any bathroom inspiration. You’ve been warned.

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