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Girls on Film x Women’s Voices Now

“Sometimes watching a story about someone very far away allows us to gently take a look at our own challenging situation, and to deal with it bravely in a way we didn’t know we could.”

Leila Jarman, Creative Director

We are always extremely happy when a feminist collective approaches us, asking for collaboration or support as allying and joining forces with other fabulous women is the coup d’état that we need to make a  change.

But these ladies at Women’s Voices Now are something special. They are not just buddying up with the fellow creatives, they are gathering a whole army with an aim to highlight the issues of women’s plight world-wide.

WVN or  “Netflix of Feminist Films”  is an international online film festival using the medium of film to create awareness of women’s rights issues, while providing clear channels of action for audiences.

The platform is completely non-profit, supporting the free expression of women worldwide and their struggle for civil, economic, political, and gender rights by creating platforms that connect conscientious art and media creators, activists, filmmakers, audiences, and advocacy organisations.

And we are extremely happy to announce that you can also become a part of this beautiful army as WVN is now accepting submissions for their 5th annual festival. Filmmakers around the world will have the chance to win 10k in prizes, but will also have the opportunity to be a part of Women’s Voices Now film archive.

Categories for the festival include Documentary Feature, Documentary Short, Narrative Short, and Experimental. Filmmakers and activists can submit their films by or about women on FilmFreeway at: by the festival’s Regular Deadline on February 5th, or by the Late Deadline on February 15th. Official selections of the online festival will be notified on February 26th.

This is such a fantastic opportunity for everyone to become part of the greater community aspiring to make the whole world listen to these incredible stories of women who fight, survive and do not give up despite of their destitute situations. As the festival’s Execute Director, Heidi Basch-Harod, said (and yes, already added to my book of quotes),

“We see women of all colors and walks of life protecting themselves and their communities from the adverse economic, social, cultural, and political challenges humankind faces in the 21st century. Witnessing these stories through the medium of film creates solidarity toward the common goals of women’s rights.”
“Watching a film offers the opportunity to hold up a mirror to our own lives as women, and as men interacting with women. A story about a woman in Afghanistan breaking out of an abusive relationship and her journey to understanding her self-worth can resonate with any woman coming up against her own imprisonment, self-inflicted or otherwise.”

So ladies and your allies – get your films and submit immediately!!!

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