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First of all, we wanted to say thank you to everyone who came to our last event, LOVE THY BODY, where we discussed the importance of health, self-love and self-care. If there is one crucial thing that we tried to emphasise to everyone, it was that there has never been a more serious need to look after yourself, mentally and physically. This world is full of evil, yet the more we try to focus on ourselves and things that make us happy and elevated, the more positive energy we will release into this world that will help to fight back all the malicious aura. Take a bath, go outside for a run, cover yourself in fabulously smelling oils, read an exciting book. It will make all the difference – for yourself and people around you.

And, fortunately, we were not alone in our explorations of the magic powers of self-care. We were lucky to get a support from an array of fantastic women who are creating revolutionary products that are already making the world a better place. We wanted to give a shout out to all our wonderful sponsors who have supported our ideas and helped to create beautiful and safe spaces for women

Watch as these ladies conquer the world:


Launched in 2017 by Farah Kabir and Sarah Welsh, HANX presents a new premium male condom brand, designed for women, by women. HANX speaks directly to women with a stylish, chic design that you’re
proud to purchase, carry and use. Each individual HANX condom is designed for both of your pleasure in mind, using the finest ultra-thin vegan, 100 per cent natural and fair-trade latex for maximum sensitivity. The unique natural latex brings an end to the traditional condom latex smell, leaving you to focus on each other, with the knowledge that you are protecting yourself and your sexual future.



Sister & Co. Skin Food range is a unique collection of truly natural skin and body care products made with the finest skin superfoods from around the world, using an array of organic cold-pressed plant oils, raw nut butters and milks, sugars, salts, clays, waxes and pure essential oils.

There are no chemical preservatives or fillers, synthetic fragrances or toxins of any kind in any quantity in our formulations to artificially alter the texture, smell or colour of our products. These are raw, or minimally processed ingredients, are able to remain as potent as they are found in nature at source.


Taking inspiration from South Americans who have been drinking maté for centuries, MAHTAY follows the footsteps of its originator and re-creates the energy boost, health benefits and the ritual that traditionally goes with its preparation and enjoyment.

Consisting of yerba mate tea, acai berries, coconut water and CO2, MAHTAY is natural energy in a drink that could be enjoyed all over the world to help people stay on top of their game.




Natracare organic and natural feminine hygiene brand said “STOP what you’re doing” to the conventional feminine hygiene industry over 25 years ago. Today this award winning company is a global brand leader and continues to campaign for a healthier future. The founder, Susie Hewson, has single-handedly had a positive impact on women’s health and the environment by developing the full range of Natracare organic and natural tampons, pads, panty liners and wetwipes, all of which are recommended by gynaecologists. By offering a sustainable and compostable solution, Natracare goes against the tide, rebutting conventional manufacturing practices.


Emily Crisps is a new and innovative range of products that offers consumers the option to make a healthier choice, but one that is also fun and delicious. It’s a completely natural snack which isn’t heavily processed or extruded, and you can see this by just by opening the pack. There is no compromise between taste and health and only best produce is used to make fruit and veg crisps.  Plus, only a light layer of oil is used on the fruit crisps whilst they are cooked, and a touch of natural sea salt onto the veg crisps to enhance the flavour to make the best tasting crisps possible.



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