Girls On Film is an all-women film collective comprised of writers, programmers and producers.

We aim to collaborate with other women-led organisations and charities to create energising events, promoting women artists as well as conversation about social and political topics that intersect with the arts.

We review films, conduct interviews, create features and cover international film festivals.

We also produce and curate programmes of films for external events, brands and businesses.

Our core aim is to dispel myths of bitchiness and girl competition in favour of sisterhood. We believe that in a violently unequal world, every act of trust is an act of rebellion. Every refusal to be embittered is a rejection of an imposed identity. Self-empowerment really turns us on.

Each and every person from all diversities of background, ethnic origin, sexuality, age and religion is welcome in our growing community, so please do get in touch to become part of the movement.

Girls On Film x